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...dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals who need support in their recovery from mental illness and/or addictions.


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Executive Director: Janine Sullivan-Wiley
Chairman: Shaun McColgan


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News and events:

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We are very pleased to advise all of our friends, colleagues and members that on January 8, 2018, DMHAS advised us that the proposal that was submitted
 from the two Regioanl Action Councils in this Region and this Board
(the Housatonic Valley Coalition Against Substance Abuse, and the Central Naugatuck Valley Regional Action Council and the Northwest Regional Mental Health Board)
to enter a strategic partnerhsip leading to a full merger of the three organizations by the end of the year
was accepted!
This will fulfill DMHAS' goal to move from five Regional Boards and 13 Regional Action Councils
to five Regional Behavioral Action Organizations in the coming year.

As you can imagine, this process will be complicated and there are many details still to be worked out.

We welcome your thoughts and support during this process.



Regional Needs Assessment and Priority Planning Report:

Our Regional Needs Assessment and Priority Planning Report is now complete. Thank you to the roughly 500 individuals whose opinions, observations and comments are captured in those results.
You can access the full report here: Region V Needs Assessment and Priority Planning Report



Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)


Contact the office at (203) 757-9603, or email for more information or to register

Congratulations to the newest Mental Health First Aiders from the class we co-taught to the nursing students at Northwest Community College in December!

The next class we will be teaching will be held in:

Middlebury, January 26 and 27.  There are a few spaces left ion that class; please call if you are interested in attending. As it is being co-taught by Valerie Cooper English and supported by Mental Health CT with their SAMHSA grant, there is no charge.

Call for or email for more information

NOTE: This is a two-part  class and participants must attend both days to become certified.You can find out about other classes that might interest you at for classes that apply to adolescents and teens and for courses that pertain to adults.

Background on Mental Health First Aid:
Mental Health First Aid is a 12-hour certification course given over 2 days that helps individuals and communities better understand mental health issues and respond accordingly to others who may be experiencing distress.   

One way of looking at it as that it covers "What - When - How" for people in the community.
"What?" Understanding the most common mental health issues (in adults) so you will understand what you might be observing.
"When?" When is doing something appropriate?
"How?" And if  doing something might be appropriate,  what can you do?

Who should take Mental Health First Aid training?

  • Primary care professionals;
  • First-responders, fire, police and corrections officers;
  • Nursing home staff;
  • Town social workers;
  • Library staff;
  • Teachers
  • School personnel, nurses and educators;
  • Employers, human resources professionals and business leaders;
  • State policymakers, volunteers, and the general public.
  • You!


Youth Mental Health First Aid is a different course, with a focus on the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems of children and adolescents aged 12-18.








Our Board has a long history of supporting smoking cessation initiatives, and supporting individuals and organizations to move to smoke-free.

If you are trying to quit, please refer to the resources listed in our Resource Guides (see the link marked Resources)
or you can contact the Connecticut QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669).




There are still vacancies in several towns; please check out these opportunities under the "Local Council" link, above.
Remember that all of our meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending to "see what it's all about," give us a call and we can arrange for you to be greeted, and have a seat saved for you.
One of our town representatives expressed some of what her involvement has meant to her:

"I enjoy so much being part of the NWRMHB volunteer council. The town appointees and the providers truly care about others. It has been a very positive experience. Best for me is seeing and learning how to address otherwise uncomfortable situations with non-confrontational grace. I am learning so much more every meeting about our mental health mission as well."


Eating Well on a Budget:

This is a new pamphlet developed by the Consumer Action Group. You can link to this useful resource here: Eating Healthy on a Budget


 Transportation Primer for Providers

This helpful resource of information about public transportation in the Northwest Region (the 43 towns of Region V) was developed by the Consumer Action Group. This means wit was conceived by and developed by people that use public transportation as their primary means of getting around. Helpful and straightforward, it can be used by individuals or as a training tool for providers of services many of whom have rarely if ever had to rely on public transportation themselves.
We recognize that schedules, rates and more can change at any time. If you see something that needs updating - please let us know! As always, we appreciate your feedback.
You can access it by following the link below:
Transportation Primer for Providers.


  • You can contact us easily at
    by phone at (203) 757-9603
    mail to 969 West Main St., Suite 1B, Waterbury CT 06708

To really keep up with what's going on in your own area, you are invited and encouraged to come to your own local Catchment Area Council meeting. The dates of those meetings can be found on this website, as can directions.

ALL of our meetings are open to the public and guests are always welcome. Please note our Inclement Weather Policy:
meetings are cancelled if the public schools in that town are closed, not just delayed,  for the day.

If there is specific information you are seeking, call, write or send us an email.

Thanks for visiting our site! We were unable to update it for months due to technical problems, but are happy to be able to update it now.

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